1. A9100 Chart Expansion Joint
  2. A9110 3D Expansion Joint
  3. A9200 Chart Cleanout Cover Plate
  4. A9260 Chart Cleanout Swing Chart
  5. A9261 3D Cleanout Single Hinge
  6. A9262 3D Cleanout Double Hinge Plug
  7. A9263 3D Cleanout Double Hinge Elbow
  8. A9264 3D Cleanout Double Hinge Tee
  9. A9265 Cleanout Double Hinge Elbow w/ Linked Mechanism
  10. A9270 Cleanout Stress Analysis
  11. A9300 Chart Check Valve
  12. A9500 Chart Heavy Blowline Flanges
  13. A9510 Chart Ansi Flanges
  14. A9600 Mercoid Control Panel **discontinued**
  15. A9650 Pneumatic Conveying Systems Simple Pressure Control Panel
  16. A9651 Simple Panel Exploded View
  17. A9652 Schematic Simple Control Panel Wiring
  18. A9700 Chart Pipe Spans
  19. A9732 3D Cleanout S/ST Clamp and Tee Handle
  20. A9710 Chart Steel Pipe Sizes and Weights
  21. A9750 Chart Pipe Saddles

Baum Pneumatics Linked Motion Mechanism with Counter Weight Double Hinge Elbow Cleanout!